Dynasty Opinions

So i just joined a brand new dynasty league with people from the foot clan. Their original idea was to do the draft now and then do a rookie draft later based on a random order. They are also saying drafting now can’t really hurt you. But news just came out about Newton maybe missing an entire season. And there are bound to be more injuries. Am I crazy to think that adding the rookie draft later based on a random order is whack? And am I also crazy for trying to say that a dynasty draft can be ruined by off season injuries and surgeries that we don’t know about? And someone could easily get screwed

Having separate drafts is fine - vet now, rookie later. However the Rookie draft order should be inverse of the vet draft order.

Players can get hurt any time of year.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a startup draft anytime and a rookie draft after the NFL draft. I think it just depends on your league members’ preferences. If you do your startup now the possibility exists that bad news may come out about players’ availability for the 19 season, but that affects all league members equally while drafting. To be fair, this is a dynasty league. So everyone will have to get used to the concept that they hold these assets through the offseason along with any risk associated with them. It comes with the league format.

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