Dynasty or Keeper Startup Advice

I’m a huge fantasy player but the past two years I’ve run 4 leagues and CRuSHED everyone. There are a few guys that are pretty good at fantasy so I’m thinking about getting us all together so I only have 1 league next year. I want to know what are the advanyges and disadvantages of Keeper vs Dynasty. I’m cutting out kickers and defenses. Planning on 2 flex’s in half PPR scoring. FAB budget. Instant trades since I know we will all be in it all year. 10-12 teams. What kind of contacts do you make? Prefer Yahoo or ESPN? Rookie draft order based on reverse standings or what do you do to prevent people from tanking on purpose? Thanks for the help!

I can’t speak to keeper vs. dynasty because I have limited experience in both and didn’t like either. Here are a few notes I would make…

  1. I like Yahoo MUCH better than ESPN, and like NFL over ESPN as well. Yahoo is the preferred platform by most people I play fantasy with as well

  2. Cutting out kickers/defenses is fine…I personally like defenses because you can actually strategize and predict them, but kickers is the only position that is basically just roulette.

  3. FAAB budget is good

  4. I am always a proponent of having the Commish have veto powers as long as you trust the commish…the only reason a commish should ever veto a trade is

    a. There is clear collusion - which means that for whatever reason, one team is no longer looking out for their own best interest. This isn’t as much of a gray area as people think…you CANNOT veto a trade because you merely think it is
    inequitable for one side or another. There must be an intent to collude

    b. Stronger more informed players preying on the weak/less informed (within reason) - this is more of a grey area. To some degree its expected that players will have biases, and that there are different skill levels. However, if you see an informed
    player offer Dak Prescott to the 70 year old Cowboys fan in return for Brady/David Johnson that’s a problem. Commissioner judgement is important here

  5. I set a random draft order every year discourage people from tanking. If teams are out of it, they will tank to get a better draft pick (as they should).

Just my $.02

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@swissarmyaccountant thank you so much. I really appreciate the advice. So yahoo is easy for Rookie drafts? Or do you do those offline in a spreadsheet?

I don’t think I’ve done an offline draft in Yahoo. The online draft works well though. The biggest reason I like Yahoo is because of the user friendly app and website. The ESPN website and app are both bizarrely difficult to use unless you know exactly where everything is. It is also confusing trying to set your lineup. Without fail, every single season I’ve played on ESPN, there has been someone who forgot to “save lineup” after they made the changes and they played someone they didn’t want to play. ESPN’s website and app are seriously so so bad.

I haven’t played on CBS, but I hear it’s pretty good as well. NFL.com app/website are in the middle of ESPN and Yahoo