Dynasty Pick Question

Doing a slow email draft and we are currently in the second round. Roster starters consist of QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, SUPERFLEX. I drafted Antonio Brown with my first pick. My options for my second round include; Fournette, M. Gordon, Julio, Green, Dalvin Cook, Allen, Freeman, Howard, Gronk, Hill, McCaffery. Any names jump out? Would love the advice!

With Brown as your first pick it sets you up for a ‘win now’ team. I would be looking at Fournette or McCaffery as your second pick. Both have massive ceilings in 2018.

Is this PPR or .5 PPR?

It’s half ppr

I like Cook out of all of your choices. He’s young and before the injury he was getting the majority of the work in the run game and he was an option in the pass game.

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I would go with Leonard Fournette. They’ve beefed up their o-line and he gets A LOT of volume, and a decent amount of receptions. Melvin Gordon can be a good option too

I would much rather have Cook than Fornette, especially with the .5 ppr. Gordon and Allen too, for that matter. Hill and CMC would be close.

It depends on the league size. WR drops off so quickly this year I feel like. In mock drafts that I have done, I like my team best when I go WR in the first 2 rounds (unless Gurley, Bell, DJ, Zeke, is on the board, but even then I like my team going WR/WR round 1 &2). I have no clue where you picked, so it’s hard to tell. I would order the WRs Julio, Allen, Hill…the RBs , Cook, Fournette, Freeman/CMC (very close to me), Howard. If you think that any of Cook, Fournette, Freeman, CMC will come back around to you with your 3rd round pick I would draft Julio.

I’d love to know your pick number and the number of teams in the league to help you more.

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