Dynasty Pick Trade Advice

What’s some good strategy or advice on trading picks? Or things to consider on making trades?

Large topic. Everyone approaches this differently.

But some basics:

  • Keep your firsts, unless you are serious contender
    -Try to find the team(s) who are willing to trade their firsts
  • Don’t fear trading away 3rd and deeper. Use these to trade up. Like player A and 4th for playgoer B in return
  • Acquire mid round picks, 2nd and 3rd
  • Typically rookie picks (2019) have the lowest value now and the highest value, just before the draft or during the rookie draft

A great way to get people to agree to pick swaps is to move back in later rounds in order to move up in the earlier rounds.

This is related, and may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised: not only are higher picks more valuable, but so is each spot you move up or down. What does that mean? Don’t expect someone to move back 6 picks in the 1st or 2nd to move up only 6 spots in the 4th or 5th.

Lastly, the person getting the best asset is generally expected to pay a bit of a premium. Not suggesting you go crazy and give away more than needed, but if you want to buy a premium asset, expect to over pay a bit, and expect people to over pay if you’re selling the premium asset.

I agree with all of the above. I would add that in deep drafts, mid and late 2nds have the same value as late 1sts. I love acquiring 2nds if I need to build on a decent roster. Always keep your 1sts unless someone gives you a stupid crazy offer. If you trade future picks, ALWAYS research the prospects in the draft you’re trading out of. I traded out of the 2014 draft completely and I’ve regretted the boon I could’ve had there. Trading picks is also a good way to acquire WR’s and TE’s who may be on the brink of breaking out as opposed to having to wait for a rook to develop or get playing time. I only advise doing this with 3rd rounders and later. Find the owner who’s crazy for picks and try to steal a player you like for risky picks. Lastly, over the years, talent generally prevails. Do not take a guy who ranks outside other available players solely because of perceived opportunity. Lastly lastly, don’t draft rookie TE’s until the 4th round. Remember, if you hit on three decent players in a draft, that is good return.

If you’re contending, trade out of any pick that won’t return value within 2 seasons. Some drafts fall off a cliff after the 2nd. Find a team in rebuild and see if they don’t have a vet you could use instead.