Dynasty - Pitts for Waller & Gabe Davis

I was offered Waller and Davis for Pitts. While I like Davis and his ties to Josh Allen this feels too lateral of a move.


I agree. But I think it just depends on how high you have Waller comped this season as well as Pitts. I just can’t see Pitts touching Waller’s ceiling personally. But I agree with the Gabe Davis projection.

pitts has 10 plus years, hopefully. Waller has 2-4 more good years. I think pitts will take time myself to become all that he is hyped to be, depends on if you want to compete this year

You’re getting a proven veteran top 5 TE AND a young developing WR for a rookie TE–and you’re thinking about it???

This Pitts hype is just out of control.