Dynasty Platform? On Going ? App?

Im looking for a Dynasty platform that can handle an auction draft

That is on going and trades and waiver pick ups can be made in off season

My league mates are looking for a platform that also has an app counter part. Does this exist?

best option here is doing the auction draft on ESPN and then transferring the league over to sleeper/MFL/Fleaflicker…

I use Sleeper for all dynasty leagues. Are you doing the startup draft as auction and future rookie drafts as auction too or just a linear draft? If you are doing a startup auction and then linear drafts going forward I would do an auction on ESPN and import rosters to Sleeper. I have done this myself and it’s really use to do. Sleeper is by far the best platform to use for leagues that are not contracts or salary.

Sleeoer says they will support auction drafts before next year.

You’re right they will have auctions in place for leagues next season but that does not help leagues looking to startup this season using auction.