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Dynasty PPR, IDP Orphan league


After 20 years of redraft leagues (3 leagues a year). I finally convinced myself to try out A 12 team PPR Dynasty/IDP league for the first time. I only joined one, since it was a Dynasty and all, simple, loyal, learn… APD/GGD league started in 2014 on NFL.com, 2nd with Fleaflicker, then moved into a free MFL site for year 3 with all owners acknowledging registration fee for following season (2017) . Once the season was over we formally lost 6 owners with 3 non-responders (Those that wait until last minute to rejoin league), including “Temp Commish”. We are used to replacing 4 owners for each of the first two years, but this year they all took a :poop: Jajaja. Anyhow, I am blown away by the league rules and scoring! I love this league and want to share it. Just need help I don’t have commish rights.


Sounds like you should start a new version of this league in the FootClan leagues where you know the players will play: https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/c/footclan-leagues


Like Jason said restart the league on community forum it sounds interesting to just myself alone and I know other footclan members would love to get in on that kind of start up!


I was hoping I wouldn’t hear too much of that. Jajaja. It is a great idea, for me plan B. Like I said this is my 1st and only Dynasty league.

Here’s a question. How common is it for a 12 team Dynasty to lose 8 in offseason? We lost 4 the first 2yrs. What is normal?
I always hear of guys who love to take on rebuild orphan teams, and who wouldn’t want one with D. Carr, D. Freeman, L. Mccoy, A. Brown, E. Sanders, K. Rudolf, should I go on? And more like it. Let me know if anyone of you are interested, maybe we can break through to Commish and keep a Dynasty league alive.
Hey Jason,
I am still joining the Clan. Maybe even run that start up. Thanks for always convincing me to chose things that sometimes I am normally against, even speaking or writing in public with my grammar. I’ve been a listener since '14, and voted for you guys everyday of elegibility, I apologize for taking so long to join the Clan, oh yeah, early bird buyer of UDK, I am kinda cheap, but I am loyal, the only one left in my league! Congrats again on your guys success “through the air”!


I am interested in taking over an orphan team on your league. I ran into a similar problem and need 3 new owners this year. I am already a paying member to MFL for my league. You still need people?


Yes! You are the first pick on the list. Once I can secure at least six owners I’ll start pushing the Commish to send out invites to veiw teams so we can get the Rookie/FA draft going!
League details:
Teams are 30 active roster spot, 3 taxi, 3 IR/Sus. Cut down roster to 23 + 3 taxi prior to 7 RD rookie/FA email draft. 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1 flex, 1k, 1D/ST (ret yds & Td only) 2dl, 2lb, 2db, 1flex. Pretty balanced overall scoring.
This is the first time I have seeked new owners in a league before. Is there any way to send you a viewable link to the league without commish rights?


I think you can just give me the league ID and I can search for it when I’m on MFL website. Or the league name would work as well.


Gulf gate dynasty football league (26451)
Orphan teams:
-Dawg pound
-Hired assassins
-Melody marauders
-Raccoon mafia
-SF ruffians


I can see the league page but not the rosters.


If you are still interested, send me an email (joetellez52@yahoo.com). Roster & Draft pages are now set up on a Google sheet.