Dynasty PPR ruggs for metcalf?

I’ve been offered a trade for Ruggs and Akers.

Dk Metcalf and Montgomery For the pair.

Which pair would u people’s rather have ?

I personally don’t believe Monty is a long term back in the league. And I do love metcalf and believe he should have a better career than Ruggs. Akers is a hell of a back to watch on film but looks a little similar to Monty just a bit faster.

Help me decide

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That’s tough but if in contention this year I would go Metcalf, Montgomery easy.

I am on the Metcalf / Montgomery side of this.

They have a year of experience and both looked pretty good, and IMHO trending up.The other two are mysteries. Both sides are young, so I’d go with the side we have seen.

Also, I think Metcalf has the better career that Ruggs. I think Ruggs will help his NFL team more than FF.

Do you think though that Monty is a long term rb?

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Who did they draft or trade for to replace him?

I think he can be, but with the current landscape that might just be a 1st contract situation. I think he is better than many are conceding and that he will be a strong player in the NFL. That does not mean RB1 for years, but I could see a Frank Gore / Carlos Hyde (with better health?) type of career. His ceiling could be higher, but that is about where I see him. I will say I am not selling him, if that helps at all?

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Yup sure does, thanks

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