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Dynasty PPR Startup Advice

12 team PPR dynasty startup - made a significant amount of trades to move around in the draft. Looking for advice on where to go next at 12.7 and 12.10.

M Thomas
J Jacobs
A Cooper
C Carson
R Woods
L Bell
E Engram
T Tagovailoa
A Miller
D Jones

Best available: S Shepard, J Brown, R Anderson, R Penny, T Pollard, T Coleman, J Edelman, Da Williams, K.J Hamler, C Davsis, J Washington, O Howard, S Watkins, G Tate, D Harris, E Sanders.

Any young WR sleepers? B Perriman is someone I’m looking at.

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  1. James Washington
  2. Robbie Anderson
  3. Sterling Shepard

BPA is usually the best way to go.

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From your list, I’d go:

J Brown
G Tate
J Washington

I like your WRs and I think you need to look for floor. You already have studs, so you need players that won’t fail you on BYE weeks. Or that is how I look at it. That said, J Washington has a mix of both, but I like the other two more.

So many rookies I like, but without knowing who is out there it’s hard to say.

If you are looking upside low cost sleepers, I would say Duvernay / AGG / Shenault / Cephus but know those guys might not do too much this year. I think they will, but you never know with rookies. Shenault is the biggest boom / bust on the list, but I think he is worth the chance. I doubt he is still there, but I am also very high on Mims and he sometimes slips. Pittman is another target of mine.

Shepard isn’t sexy, but would be a solid “floor” option as referenced by someone else. That would be my choice.