Dynasty PPR Superflex startup owners wanted

Hey all, I have a dynasty start up draft filling up. It will most likely be a $40 buy-in that will be a rolling pot into a super pot in year 3. Already have a great active group of owners, looking for active players that will trade and chat. Sleeper app. Message for league details.
1 ppr Dynasty Superflex.

I would play

jump in https://sleeper.app/i/0JPxLqlkx6gR

Oh I’m in ! Looking for a Dynasty League!

Jump in https://sleeper.app/i/0JPxLqlkx6gR

how does this superpot thing work? Not familiar with that.

Jump in and check it out. the payouts are pinned. basically part of the pot is paid year 1, more year 2 and the rest year 3. if you finish top 3 all 3 seasons you will win $$

Looks like league is full