Dynasty QB Question

Dynasty startup draft
1 QB and 1 Superflex
Upon building other positions I so far have Drew Brees and Tom Brady as my QBs. I’m happy for this year and likely next but I realize this won’t work for Dynasty.
Rookie draft picks have been taken up to 1.10.
These are my draftable options.
Dalton, Manning, Flacco, Bradford, McCarron, Tannehill, Bridgewater. Only other available QBs are backups.

Any advice on where to go if anywhere?

Bradford has the most talent but has injury risk. Flacco upgraded at WR finally but his fantasy value is famously average over the years. Dalton is safe and should do better than last year; but, with Marvin Lewis still there, its unlikely he’ll win you a lot of weeks. McCarron is young and interesting for dynasty; but, unproven and could not have the job if Buffalo takes a QB in the draft. Tannehill is 30 yrs old and has a bad offense around him. Bridgewater is in the same boat as McCarron.

If you’re a win now or soon team, I would take Bradford and hope for health. If you’re rebuilding and don’t expect to win for a couple years, I would take a shot at Bridgewater or McCarron.

I would grab Dalton. He has rough start early last year, but should be good enough to fill those bye week and bad match up holes.

2nd vote for Dalton. My next choice would be Bridgewater, as a sort of home run swing, but it’s unclear to me where you are in your drsft, so that may be best done at a later time.

Dalton is the guy from those choices. but i would start looking at some young rookies ASAP. if that time has already passed, i might start trying to make trades that have 2nd and 3rd round picks involved for next year so you can snag up a few rookie prospects. no matter what you need some depth. 2 older QBs wont cut it. especially since im pretty sure this will be the drop off year for brady. same for breeze, thats more of a run first team now. odd thing to say about the saints.

If you have a pick late in the draft, after the big 3 (4 if you count Jackson) are gone; I really like Mason Rudolph. He is a really good size, played a big enough D1 school, and had good success in college. I could see him a backup QB floor, Joe Flacco average, and Big Ben level ceiling. Most of it depends on where he goes, ideally to a team with a vet at QB (ARI??) so he can sit for a year. You should be good with Brady and Brees for this year, and Rudolph should be cheap/free and could produce next year when you need a new QB.