Dynasty QBs - Bye Weeks?

Footclan! I have Ryan, Mariota and Allen on my Dynasty team. Ryan and Mariota have week 8 byes. Should I make a trade to acquire another QB (or flip one of mine for one with a different bye)? Or should I trust that Josh Allen is starting by week 8?

Other option is picking up Flacco but I’d have to drop Chad Williams or Perine for that. I’d hate to lose depth for just a bye week fill in. As far as other waiver options go, no starters are on waivers, other than Flacco.

That’s really tough. I’m not a fan of Perine so personally I’d drop him if I had this type of dilemma. But again, I’m just not a fan. I suppose if Guice is injured or doesn’t pan out then maybe Perine peeks through the bushes. You also have the possibility of waiting to see if a qbs is dropped along the way? And if not can you make a trade at a later date? Seems like a rush at the moment, especially considering Flacco could lose his job to Jackson at some point sooner than later.

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I would pick up Flacco. I think he could be useful this year. That said, I would not panic nor would I drop a relevant player for him or anyone in your situation.

A lot can change before week 8. I might prefer Flacco over Allen. Can you post your roster?

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@fun4willis agreed. Not need to panic. Here’s my roster:

QB: Mariota, Ryan, Allen

RB: Saquon, D Freeman, CMC, Howard, Coleman, Miller, Perine

WR: Michael Thomas, Thielen, Landry, Davis, Cobb, Godwin, Golladay, Westbrook, Moore, Cain and Chad Williams

TE: Howard, Everett, Cook, Eifert

Someone did just offer me Alex Smith for Ryan straight up? But my gut tells me Ryan is worth more. He does also have Goff.

I prefer Ryan to Smith.

I would drop Cain or Everett if it came down to it.

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@fun4willis Would you trade Ryan, Dede for Smith, Mike Williams? I’d get my QB and an upgrade at WR, potentially.

Oh my god, yes!

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