Dynasty question - rookie draft pick trade

Just finished year 1 of our 12 team dynasty league - really enjoyed it and finished 4th.

I think everyone is unsure of the value of rookie draft picks as a couple of trades went through where the rookie picks seemed very undervalued to me.

I’m desperate at RB2 (I took shots on Penny, Guice, Royce and none of them came off), so wanting to trade one of my WRs for like a 1.04 (pretty sure the first couple of picks will be QBs as it’s a superflex League).

My WR Corp is:

Marv Jones
Larry Fitz
D Jax

What do you think it would take to get around the 1.04? Would a straight WR trade happen or would I need to offer my 1.09 also? I’d be willing to trade Allen away as I’m not a huge fan and only drafted him because he fell low in the start up draft

Thanks everyone

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You have a few options here.
You could potentially trade Hopkins, Allen, or Golladay straight up for the 1.04, but I would advise against that. You are giving up too much.
You could trade one of your less valuable players like Marvin Jones or Larry Fitz and package the 1.09 or maybe even a second rounder.
Finally, you could package a few of these guys together and trade them to someone who is weak at the WR position. For example: Marvin Jones, Larry Fitz and a second rounder


so, what you’ve decided to do? just interested in what you have chosen and if you would update i would appreciate it.

IMHO @codydphillips15 pretty much nailed it, except I would not say it is too much. If you knew you were getting the 1.04 I would move Allen. In SF you are still potentially getting the 1.01 in non-SF leagues, 1.02 at the worst. The difference between the top 2/3 RBs and down to me is huge. If I knew i was getting one of them I would move Allen, but only him. The others are (as noted) too much to give IMHO before we know draft spot.

I really like the bundle and get a late 1st early 2nd. this class is deep and you can land a potential RB2 in the second and most folks are hyper-focused on the 1st. Especially in SF where other players are falling.

Finally, I like Guice / Royce still. I think Guice might get his shot this year so I would not do anything hasty with him.

I hope some or any of this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone - my original plan was to offer Allen straight up for the 1.04 so I might try that! I’ll let you know how it goes

So in the end I offered Jones, Fitz and the 2020 2nd for the 1.04. Not sure if it’ll do it but he’s weak at WR so could be tempting

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as long as you’re happy with it, that’s the point. but you said you ended being “offered”, you got it? going to get some desserts in the meantime. lol. anyway, that’s a valuable trade IMO.

I would only move Allen for the 1.04 as well. D Hop and Golladay are too valuable to just get the 1.04 in return. The players you’d potentially be looking at, at 1.04 can arguably be more valuable dynasty assets than Allen.