Dynasty Question: Which Charger pass catcher should I trade?

I have Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry in my dynasty league. I picked by best available last year (Stole HH because of his injury).

Other notable players:

WRs: Marvin Jones, Lockett, Keke, Corey Davis, Sutton.
RBs: Kamara/Murray, Mixon, Carson, Jamaal Williams, Dion Lewis, Dixon/Edwards
TEs: Ebron

Also, have the 4th pick in the rookie draft this year.

Help me out footclan!

PPR? Hows your RB situation looking? I’m asking because I would consider moving allen if you can get a decent trade going. Hes got the name to get you more than what Williams would get you.

Updated the post. See above. I’m just curious who will step up after Tyrell’s departure. Feel like it could be a breakout year for Williams but also think Allen could have his best year yet. Obviously I have to at least get rid of one tho.

Also, .5PPR