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Dynasty question


I am In a dynasty start up and I was offered a 3.07, 5.07, and 9.06 in this year’s draft and his 1st and 2nd in next year’s rookie draft, for my 1.06. I want to get some other thoughts on this, would you except?


Personally, I’d do it. I’d sacrifice a bit of that to get his second round pick in the startup too though. At 1.06 the best receivers are probably off the board and RBs have a much shorter lifespan in Dynsary. I’d trade down and with the later picks grab some great values in the middle rounds. Target players like Jordy and McCoy in the third who will return huge value in the first couple years but slide to the third because Dynasty players have a perverse fascination with younger players. I’d also target Diggs in the 5th and someone like Ty Montgomery, Lynch, Snead, or even Brady in the 9th.

Think of it this way, Would you trade Julio for Jordy/Shady, Diggs, Ty/Lynch/Snead/Brady and a first and second round pick next year? I would. I’d also hope this guy keeps making poor decisions and I can grab someone like Guice or Barkley next year.

Edit: ADPs based on Fantasy Football Calculator