Dynasty Ranking: Marquise Brown at WR35?

Why is Brown at WR35 consensus amongst experts? I can’t think of anything other than injuries, but there must be other reasons.

I don’t personally think that ranking of WR 30+ is injury related. He would need to completely break out in order to raise his receptions/yards/TDs to a point where he could be ranked higher. There were 29 other WR in 2019 which had more than 64 receptions. And that was the highest reception leader for the Ravens - Mark Andrews. M Brown had 46.

Where do you think he belongs? Who would you take Brown over (looking at the FP consensus rankings)?

This was the rushing and receiving stats from 2019:

I have Marquise Brown above Jarvis Landry, Jalen Reagor, Tyler Boyd, and Justin Jefferson. Landry has no ceiling and a questionable floor with so many weapons. Boyd is the WR2 on a team that drafted Higgins at 2.01 and still has AJ Green. Additionally, he’s a mediocre player with no ceiling. Reagor and Jefferson both have significant uncertainty as rookies. Both should have decent opportunity with Reagor having more than Jefferson. Jefferson is the 2nd WR in a run-based offense, and Reagor should be good but we just don’t know.

Marquise Brown flashed significantly last season. While he may not be in a position to get enough targets to finish as a 1 this season, he certainly demonstrated tremendous skill and potential to be an elite fantasy receiver in the future.

Fair enough. Thanks for sharing.

I’ll just add that there is a long way between what M Brown did last year and what Boyd and Landry have done over the last couple. In 2019 Landry was WR12 and Boyd was WR18 according to PFR. I would bet on guys who have done it already as opposed to a guy who might.



The rookies you mentioned are ranked in the WR50+ over at FP consensus ranks.

I’d probably take Hollywood over those guys as well. WR does seem especially deep this year. It could largely be on pass volume as well though. The Ravens are going to repeat that TD% and they’re definitely still going to run. His numbers should go up as he’ll be healthy and likely on the field more. I think it’s just the combo of BAL being run heavy and seeing how Jackson goes to Brown. The gap from WR24 though to WR36 isn’t massive and he could easily finish there.