Dynasty RB pick-up

Gotta drop 2 of my bench for any of the following: Barber, Ito, Smallwood, Mack.

Bench is this:

What does the rest of your team look like? Also scoring format?

.25ppr. Fournette on my IR I have to move to my bench. Hence why I have to drop 2 guys.

Based on the rest of your roster and small bench for dynasty i’d drop Burton as you have Engram/Njoku and Aaron Jones and replace him with Mack.

What about John Brown? Burton is a for sure yes

He is an option yes for sure but you are very shallow at WR and this would leave you three serviceable wideouts. They are more replaceable than RBs for sure but i have my doubts Jones will ever be of true value because of how GB use him in RBBC

I feel like this is an annoying small roster for dynasty, since have the fun is grabbing the young guys with potential and seeing how they play out. You can’t do that here. I wouldn’t drop any of those guys for anyone you want to pick up.

yeah it’s kind of a quasi dynasty. it’s 12 keepers with no penalty, so i guess we just call it dynasty.

Haha I also call our 13-keeper no penalty league a dynasty as well. Same mindset pretty much.

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