Dynasty Rebuild Advice

Hey Footclan,

I took over an orphan team last year, and it was in a pretty bad shape, I traded away some of the higher value older players for more picks.

I’m going into this season with the 1.01, 1.07, 1.09, along with 2 mid 2nd rounders. It’s a 1QB league, half PPR

My question is - should I make a selection at 1.01 (probably Hall) or should I try to trade back to get more picks?

Having the 1.01, it feels crazy to trade it away but I have holes all over the place and it feels like there’s not too much separation between the top guys this year.

Any thoughts, advice or tips for a rebuild would be greatly appreciated!

I would trade back. I would start with the team with the 1.02 and then move to the team with the 1.03 and so forth you might have to end up trading back for a later first round pick and maybe I under valued veteran or a future 2nd. Hope it works out.

Thanks for the advice, that was my thinking as well so I might be onto something!

My rebuild is likely to be more than just next year, so would you look to prioritize WR ahead of RB for the extra years you’ll get?