Dynasty Rebuild Tips

I know it’s a little early but any tips for a second year dynasty player. I don’t have any depth and I’m looking at a rebuild. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great to hear thanks!

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I’m in a similar boat. I’ve been part of this league for 5 years now, and inherited an old and aging team when I entered. My team just got worse due to some bad decisions on my part having not ever played dynasty before.

Now, looking back, I could puke at the opportunities I passed up. Now I’m in full rebuild mode. Here are a couple things I’ve worked hard at this past season as I entered into this mode.

The first thing I’ve tried is to get a handle on the value of draft picks in a dynasty league. I either gave them away frivolously or hung onto them too tightly. Getting a picture of what my picks are worth with the current draft class. That’s where I started because I know that youth will come easier through the draft in a dynasty league than via trade.

The other strategy I tried to employ this past season (but was incapable due to the league settings, but that all changed for this next year, thankfully) is looking into sleepers that are FA’s and signing (dropping others) before the offseason begins. For example, my intent was to drop McCoy and pick up Curtis Samuel while the season was ending for me. If you are losing as bad as I was (1-13 on the year and only scored more than 100 in two games) you don’t gain anything by hanging onto to older players who might produce. So dumping some of those guys to create space on my roster for a few younger guys is a strategy that might, might not, pan out for me.

If you inherited this team, as I did, then talk with your commissioner. Especially if you’re paying to participate. I am giving my rebuild two more full seasons and if I don’t feel good about where I’m able to get in that time, i’m not spending $20 to feel miserable and suck. My commissioners were happy to listen to me and genuinely wanted everyone to have quality competition. I told them much of it was my own doing, but it didn’t change the way it felt to end up where I did.

I am a RB loving guy. However, I am trying to train myself to look more into WR’s thanks to our wonderful guys on the @ffballers

Give it time. I’m giving it a total of 3 seasons (2 more). There is no need for this to ruin your football experience. It is also a very positive boost to accomplish a rebuild and win games. I hope that is a feeling both you and I can experience in a few years!


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Rebuilding is always tough in dynasty. I just took over for an orphan dynasty team and I’m having to rebuild it right now. One thing that I think is really important is to find a way to get a solid WR1. You may have to work multiple trades to get to a point where you can get one on your team. But you need something to build your team around. Then it’s all about making smart decisions. You might have to trade for players that get injured in the middle of a season but will be a great value moving forward, or try to trade your older, successful players at the end of a season to a playoff-bound team for young, high potential players that will be exciting for you.