Dynasty Rebuild: Trade Lamar?

10 team 1QB PPR
12 Keepers (Haven’t completely trimmed down yet)
QB: Lamar, Rodgers, Jimmy G
RB: Sony, Edmonds
WR: ARob, Sutton, Deebo, Fuller, N’Keal, Davis
TE: Andrews, Fant

2020 Picks: 1.02 (Taylor), 1.03 (Dobbins), 1.07 (Jeudy or Akers most likely), 2.02 and 2.03
2021: Only my own picks plus an extra 3rd

Feeling pretty solid about my rebuild so far but know I’m still about a year or two out from contending. No one is biting on Rodgers and I’m starting to think it may be a solid time to sell Lamar at peak value in a 1QB, then load up on other skill positions. Not that I WANT to get rid of him, but I’m unsure of where he’ll be in a year or two (when it matters for me) as far as injuries and league adjustments go.

Thoughts on selling him? And what value would you be looking for in return?

Team needs dépendent you can get a haul for him. Looks like you need an established running back so I would say any deal for him would require at least a RB1 and depending on their team maybe you can try to get some picks