Dynasty Rebuild Trade Question

I took over a neglected dynasty team last year (10 teams/PPR), and I’m in a complete rebuild. There are 17 bench spots, so it’s difficult to find any value on the waiver wire right now. My top players are Chubb, A-Rob, Robert Woods, Sutton, & Evan Engram. I have the 2019 1.01, and plan on drafting Jacobs.

I received a trade offer for Chubb and my 2019 2.01 pick. I’d be receiving Corey Davis, 2019 1.07, 2020 first Round, & 2021 first round.

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. If that’s you’re top players, you’re far from contending so I would not be drafting Jacobs at 1.01. Would trade back to an RB needy team and draft harry. He’s the better player and is my 1.01 anyways in the class but also you can afford to wait for him to come into his own.

  2. That’s not a bad offer for Corey Davis but the 1.07 in this year’s draft isn’t worth too much cause the class is very shallow. Would be looking to acquire more picks in the 2020 class. Also 2021 is a bit of a ways out. For Chubb, I would be looking for something in the range of 3 x 2020 1sts in value. Corey Davis is good actually and I still believe in the talent so you can likely afford to wait another year but still, would try and target 2020 draft picks cause those will continue to appreciate in value. At a bare minimum, you should try and do that trade without giving your 2.01 pick.

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This depends on where you see the future picks being. If it’s a championship team giving them to you, then no, I don’t think I would do that. If you think they will be top 7 or higher, then yes. I agree with MikeMeUpp that you shouldn’t be giving your 2.01. Also agree that I wouldn’t take Jacobs or any RB at 1.01. I’d trade back to get Harry or just trade for a 2020 1st. That draft should be far deeper with more stud potential. And I would want a different WR than Davis ideally. That said, this offer is pretty tight. Getting 3 1st rounders for any player is pretty good value, even if its Chubb. You also need to remember that in a hard rebuild approach, RB is just not important because they have a very short usage window and Chubb tore his ACL in college. I would do it and then flip Davis to a WR needy team for somebody like Curtis Samuel or Dante Pettis and a future 2nd. Good hunting!

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