Dynasty Rebuild

Rebuilding my first Dynasty team and I’ve gotten a little done over the last month, just wondering what my next step/steps should be. 12 team, .5ppr

QBs - Jackson/Mayfield/Jones/Willis
WRs - Pittman/Bateman/Jeudy/DeVanta Smith/Burks/Washington/Westbrook-Ikhine/Jennings/Zay Jones/Berrios
RBs - Pierce/Michel/Benjamin/McKinnon/Hilliard/Badie/Abram Smith
TEs - Pitts/Engram/Tremble/McBride

Picks -
5 - 2023 1sts
1 - 2023 2nd
1 - 2023 3rd
1 - 2024 1st
2 - 2024 3rd
All my 2025 picks and an extra 3rd

Thanks for any help, suggestions or overall advice. First Dynasty team and first rebuild so still trying to get the hang of things.

Lol anybody help a guy out?

Really not much else is needed for you. You are definitely in a rebuild. 5 2023 1st-rounders is an excellent start

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Gonna try and keep this simple:

Your RBs are you weakest point.

Pitts can be a trading piece later in the year to teams that are on the verge of contending or are pretend contenders. Only trade if you get max value. He’s a potential generational TE.

Same advice as above for any of your top players. L. Jackson, J. Juedy, etc.

Lastly, best piece of advice in dynasty is to trade a player a year or two to early than a year or two to late. That meaning, look at a positions age apex

RBs: 26-27
WRs: 28-30

I was in the same position season before last and was able to pick up 2021 101 (Harris) 102 (Pitts) 104 (Chase) also got a trade offer for Kittle got J. Jefferson. Also traded a shit ton away and got J. Taylor. Went from last to first.

Longer than I thought in response.

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Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it. I shipped off my top Backs (Barkley and Gibson) cause I figured I wanted to get max value now, rather then possibly 50% later in the season.

2023 class could have some really good RBs.

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