Dynasty Rebuilding Trade

12 team 1/2 ppr Dynasty league and my team is bad (1st overall pick bad).

Another team offered me:
Curtis Samuel
Will Fuller
D’Onta Foreman


Devonta Freeman
2020 4th Round Pick

I like Devonta this year (actually traded for him in the off season, but my team is no where near championship contention. Does this seem like the right move?

Other players on my team:

Josh Jacobs
Nyheim Hines
Rashaad Penny
Jaylen Samuels
Some Trash

Amari Cooper
DaeSean Hamilton
Dante Pettis
Sammy Watkins
Mecole Hardman
Devin Funchess
Hot Garbage

I would rather have Freeman and the 4th round pick. This year will be very telling for Freeman and he’s still young. Wait one more year. The name will carry enough weight even if he doesn’t do well this year


I would take that trade but try and swap out Foreman for pick. If I’m rebuilding, I’d honestly just do it for Curtis Samuel + a couple 2nds. Freeman is 1 concussion away from being out of the league. People still hanging on to his one big year like it’s still his ceiling. It’s not. He sacrificed his health to get those points and he’s not going to last much longer.

I’d try and sell out completely on this foreman coachspeak hype train. Dude tore his Achilles and honestly, wasn’t even that good before he tore his achilles. Houston is a lock to draft an RB next season so even if foreman wins job, it will be temporary. Won’t help with someone rebuilding a team.


If you’re trying to compete this year I would keep Freeman. If you are in rebuild mode I’d go with Samuel and Fuller. Foreman I wouldn’t care about, I agree with @MikeMeUpp here. Try to get a pick out of him instead of Foreman. You’ll need as many picks as possible if you’re in full rebuild mode, which it looks like you are.

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Full rebuild ahead, thanks guys!