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Dynasty redraft


Maclin or moncrief?


In a vacuum, I like Maclin. I think he is going to be a delicious cake.


I’m more on the Moncrief side myself, but in a pure PPR I like Maclin for safety


Dynasty redraft


Depends a bit on team makeup, but I’d prefer Maclin for redraft as I feel like he has a safer floor and, while not as big upside as Moncrief, a fair amount of opportunity this season.

Dynasty? Gimme Moncrief. He’s 23 and there are countless Maclins around.


The usual spreadsheet. My argument will be for Maclin, but it is close. I believe both of these players have talent and opportunity.
However, Maclin has more opportunity. Moncrief has the better catch rate, but Wacco Flacco attempted 150+ more passes than Mr. Smith last season. In addition he doesn’t have a healthy Luck.

Again Maclin, but it’s close.