Dynasty Rookie Draft - 1.01 pick

So I was awarded with the 1.01 in my leagues upcoming Rookie Draft.

I was offered Diggs, McCaffery, and 2019 3rd round pick. All for the 1.01

Is this worth the 1.01?

I might try to get more, but push comes to shove, I’d take it.

No way I take that. It’s not a terrible trade, but Barkley has higher upside than what your getting from that trade.

Yeah definitely wouldn’t take that trade. You should be getting a lot more

although conventional wisdom might say thats too little, thats 2 starting positions filled and a rookie TE or QB. people way over value the 1.01. we dont even know where barkley will play yet, let alone if its a good match for him. what we do know is that Diggs just got an upgrade at QB, and McCaffery is the lone guy there (for now) and him and newton were really starting to get in rythem end of the year. but if you can get a 2019 2nd that would be perfect and i would do it.

Diggs and McCaffrey for Barkley, basically…

Eh, I’d roll with the upside of Barkley.

If you can get a better offer (better WR or RB, say Davante Adams/AJ Green or Gordon/Cook?..something like that), I’d try to. Adams/McCaffrey/pick or Diggs/Gordon/pick sounds better. I still might lean Barkley but it’s better than Diggs/McC.

I definitely tried to get his second round pick, but he wouldn’t budge. And everyone else was offering worse crap for the 1.01. My thought was i am getting solid depth for an unproven talent. I still have the 1.06 pick, to go with McC and the entire packers backfield. And Diggs is going to be paired with OBJ, Keenan allen.

Thanks for the input, You win some and you lose some!!!

I think you did fine.