Dynasty Rookie Draft Boards?

Started a dynasty league last season, and we have our first rookie draft coming up in a few weeks. We’re hosting a live rookie draft, and I’m struggling to find a draft board for purchase that is limited to, or even has all the rookies. I normally like to buy a board, because the guys, even though adult males in their 30’s, still love stickers.

Do you normally just use a poster board and write in for Rookie Drafts? Any good ideas out there?


You can get a board from Fantasy Champs. Not sure what all you are looking for but it should do the trick!


Thanks Bryan,

But they don’t ship until June. Our draft is May 20th. Just NFL Rookies. So the timeline I’ve noticed is too early for most of the standard draft boards/player name stickers.

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I’d get mailing labels (Avery or some similar brand) and add as many rookies as possible to the list, you can color code text by player position then print that and use a flat poster board to grid out the pick chart.
takes some work but will be the best option this time of year I’d say

Oh - if you have the preorder of the UDK you can just pull the rookie list the ballers have to an excel spreadsheet for the labels to reduce workload

Ahh! We do something similar to what @JaredHughes617 mentioned with labels. We only have 3 rookie rounds so it typically isn’t a ton of names but you could use something like this:


You can also purchase a magnetic dry erase from Amazon but they are a bit pricy.

I ended up going with a re-usable dry erase board I found on amazon, and bought some colored dry erase markers for each team. It’'s not as large as I’d like, but I think it’ll work well. We’ll see how it works out this Sunday. Thanks for the feedback


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