Dynasty Rookie Draft Grade?

Hi, guys!

I just finished my first ever rookie draft this past weekend and was hoping to get some feedback on how it went. I came into draft season with five picks: 1.08, 2.08, 3.08, 4.01, and 4.08 (10-team league and four-round draft).

I first traded Alshon Jeffery away for the 2.10, and then traded 2.08 + 2.10 for 1.10.

After almost trading up to 1.05 for CeeDee Lamb, I instead traded down from 1.08 to 1.09 and picked up an extra 2021 second round pick (projected to be early- to mid-round). I didn’t get to choose between Justin Jefferson and Jalen Reagor, but I still got the latter of those two with the extra 2021 draft pick. I tried to trade down from 1.10, but couldn’t get a deal, so I took Tee Higgins at that spot.

My next pick was at 3.08. Unfortunately, some of by RB targets got taken right before me (namely Joshua Kelley at 3.03 and Antonio Gibson at 3.05). At 3.08, I took Bryan Edwards, and at 4.01, I took Devin Duvernay. Lastly, I realized I had to clear some spots on my roster, so I traded away Chris Herndon + 4.08 for a 2021 third round pick (projected to be early- to mid-round).

So as a whole, I turned…

  • 1.08
  • 2.08
  • 3.08
  • 4.01
  • 4.08
  • Alshon Jeffery
  • Chris Herndon


  • 1.09: Jalen Reagor, WR, PHI
  • 1.10: Tee Higgins, WR, CIN
  • 3.08: Bryan Edwards, WR, LV
  • 4.01: Devin Duvernay, WR, BAL
  • 2021 early- to mid-round second round pick
  • 2021 early- to mid-round third round pick

As a result, here’s what my roster looks like:

Starting Lineup (8/10):

  • QB: Deshaun Watson, HOU
  • RB1: Aaron Jones, GB
  • RB2: Austin Ekeler, LAC
  • WR1: Julio Jones, ATL
  • WR2: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI
  • TE: Jared Cook, NO
  • FLEX1: Mark Ingram, BAL
  • FLEX2: Brandin Cooks, HOU
  • K: Empty
  • DST: Empty

Bench (15/14, so I’ll have to drop one eventually):

  • Matt Ryan, ATL
  • Cam Newton, NE
  • Raheem Mostert, SF
  • Tevin Coleman, SF
  • Justin Jackson, LAC
  • Chris Thompson, JAX
  • Marvin Jones, DET
  • Randall Cobb, HOU
  • Anthony Miller, CHI
  • Allen Lazard, GB
  • Dede Westbrook, JAX
  • Miles Boykin, BAL
  • Jalen Reagor, PHI
  • Blake Jarwin, DAL
  • Hayden Hurst, ATL

Taxi Squad (4/4):

  • Tee Higgins, CIN
  • Bryan Edwards, LV
  • Devin Duvernay, BAL
  • Jace Sternberger, GB

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me. Really curious to see how people feel about this rookie draft.

I would be really happy with that draft, the only suggestion I would have for next year is to draft some RB depth, maybe Moss instead of Edwards if he was available even though I really like the Edwards pick at 3.08. Either way great job, there’s plenty of off-season to trade for some RB depth too. If you just look at your before vs. your after you essentially traded Alshon, 4.08, and Herndon for a 2 and 3 next year which is nice especially if you have to drop guys.

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just read you had RBs taken in front of you in the draft hahaha, nvm what I said about that then

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Yeah haha, that third round was rough for me. I wanted Kelley to secure the Chargers’ backfield but he went 3.03, and then I wanted Gibson just because he would’ve been great value but he went 3.05. Anthony McFarland Jr. also went right before me, at 3.07. Had he been there for me, I would’ve strongly considered him with my pick. Moss and A.J. Dillon had both already gone almost a full round before my pick, too, in the late-second (Moss at 2.09 and Dillon at 2.10). RBs that got drafted after my pick at 3.08 were Eno Benjamin at 3.09, Lynn Bowden Jr. at 4.02, DeeJay Dallas at 4.08 (the pick I traded in the Herndon deal), and La’Mical Perine at 4.09. I didn’t really like any of those guys over the WR options I had, with Edwards, K.J. Hamler, Duvernay (who I got later), and Tyler Johnson all still on the board.