Dynasty Rookie Draft Pick Trades

Would you trade away the Rookie 3.08 (looking at Herbert, B. Edwards (LV), J. Kelley, (LAC)) and J. Hurd (SF) to get back Mecole Hardman?

What about trading the same pick to get back the rookie 5.01 plus a 2021 2nd Rd pick?

1QB HPPR. I’m OTC. Thx!

I think it generally depends on team context. The idea of getting a 2021 second round pick back is interesting, depending on how many teams are in your league and where you project that pick to potentially land. Having those details would help a lot.

I would either get B. Edwards or trade for Hardman. I personally would pick Hardman, Edwards looks good but he still has to prove he can do it in the NFL. Hardman played very well for a rookie with limited touches, he probably won’t break out until he’s the 2 in KC but he’s still good for at least a few blow up games a year and he has huge upside down the road. He averaged 20.7 yards a reception last year, it’s hard to believe that KC won’t get the ball in his hands this year.