Dynasty Rookie Draft Positioning

In this years rookie draft, I won the 1.8 pick in 12 man 1/2 PPR Dynasty league. I am trying to decide if I should hold that pick and use it or either trade out of the first round (move back) or trade out of the draft altogether. All options are on the table but the impact players available seem to be slim after about the first 6 picks. It would basically be a pick for subsequent seasons at that point. Thoughts?

Best you can do IMHO, wait till you are on the clock and trade then. Picks are always more valuable at that time, and it also gives you the chance to take a player that could drop from the top 6 that you like.

It probably pays off most in seasons after this one. But players such as Singletary might in this season get a featured role if injuries, trades or cuts play a part. Still a lot of off-season and in season moves to be made before a player is firmly in the next season file