Dynasty Rookie Draft Question/Trade

12 team - 1/2 PPR

In rebuild mode

Current team:
QB: dak, fitz, Ryan
RB: ekeler, sanders,
WR: metcalf, dj moore, m. thomas, m. brown
TE: kittle, jarwin, trautman

I have the rookie 101, 102, 104, 201,202.

101 is N. Harris
102 was going to Etienne… still should?
104 was going to be either J. Chase, K. Pitts, or J. Williams.

The 104 is being hunted by others. Would you trade the 104? Looking at possibly getting Aiyuk and 2023 1st for it.

What would you do? What combo would you do?


I personally wouldn’t draft a player who’s already out for the year and who knows how he recovers over other top prospects. I’d also probably take the deal for the 1.04

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I would go Harris then Williams for the 1,2. And the 4 would be what’s left between Chase and Pitts.

Would it be a crazy idea to triple tap RB with the 104 and get Etienne?