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Dynasty Rookie Draft - Who to take at


So I’ve secured picks 3 & 4 in my dynasty league rookie draft this year. I’m assuming Davis and Fournette go 1/2. My current roster is loaded at WR and I figure you can never have too many young RBs. Who would you take?

I’m leaning Mixon and Cook.


Yes…easy choice(s)! What do you think of my trade thread involving BeastMode?


Shouldn’t say “easy” actually…I’d say if it’s 0.5 ppr or full point I’d go Mixon and CMC.


Definitely Mixon and might would try to trade down a little and get Karem Hunt with the 4th pick


I hear you about Hunt. I like his talent and his situation. Right now I’ve got picks 2,3 and 10. I’m trying to trade the 2 for picks 4 & 9 with an LSU guy in my league so he can grab Fournette. The way things look in my league I may be able to swipe Cook and Mixon at 3 and 4, then grab Hunt at 9 but it depends how much hype Hunt keeps building between now and 4 weeks when we draft.