Dynasty Rookie Draft?

This is our first year doing a rookie draft. I was just wondering the value of picks? I traded my first rounder for this year for James White and Sterling Shepard with a 4th round pick in 2020. We have five total rounds in our draft. I have 4 2nd rounders and 2 3rds. Any tips or strategies for the rookie draft would be helpful!

I heard a podcast from J.J. Zacherison that a top 6 pick is on average worth RB24-WR24 in points for the first 3 years.

This is a average for the first 3 years only. That being said you are going to have a wide range of outcomes. With some players being top tier studs and some players being garbage.

A good idea is just to go on fantasyfootballcalculator.com and look at past rookie adp and see how many of the guys ended up being worth anything. Myfantasyleague might store rookie adp as well.

Hoarding a bunch of second round picks might actually be a good idea, you increase your odds on hitting on a stud.

It’s the same theory as why the patroits always trade down for extra picks.

Sweet thanks. I am so nervous for this draft I have been doing my homework though so hopefully I can hit with a few of these guys.