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Dynasty Rookie Draft


So I’m about a week out from our Rookie draft. Our draft will include FA veterans also as there are no add/drops from the Championship game through till the draft.

My question is… Where would you rank the likes of Marshawn Lynch and Taylor Gabriel amongst this years rookies? Would you use a first round pick or wait until the mid-late rounds?


I’m probably not drafting Gabriel until late, if at all. As for Lynch, it depends on your situation. Are you contending for a title this year? If so, he may be worth it. If not, you’re taking up a roster spot that could be reserved for a player that will help you later.


I’ve got Zeke as my #1 but we’re able to start another 2 in flex positions. With CJ Anderson and Latavius Murray as my only other RB’s I could do with some help there. I’m not drafting until the 2.01 and 2.02 as I traded away my first rounder for AJ Green.

I’d rather take Lynch a lot later but I’m not sure how everyone else in my league will play it especially as he got add/dropped a few times last season with speculation that he may return.


@Kehely Marshawn should go early to mid third, and I’d take Gabriel late third to mid fourth.

Use your 1st round pick on a potential stud.


Man, that’s tough. Idk if I’d take him, to be honest. Think of him as a 1 year MAYBE two year rental. I can’t imagine he’s playing, much less effective, beyond that. I’d how many teams are in this league, or scoring system for this league, both of which are important, but there should be really useful RBs at 2.01 aND 2.02. That said, next year’s group of RBs look really good too.

Good job on trading for Green btw. I think you’ll be please with that.


Here’s another thought. Have you explored moving back into the back half of the first? Depending on the league, you may have a shot at a guy like Perine, Hunt or Kamara. It’s also possible one of them slides to you. It really all depends on your league.


It’s a 12 team IDP league. TBH our scoring helps RB’s out a little. With 8 PP Rushing Yard against 12 PP Recieving Yard it’s a full PPR too.

Its around the RB/WR 20 where the power struggle changes hands.

I’m trying to hash out a trade for the 1.04 as we speak involving Meredith, Artie Burns and some mid round picks. One of those top RB’s would be amazing.


I’d possibly spend a mid-late 2nd rookie pick on Lynch if I was contending.

You know he can do it at an NFL level, rookies are all question marks. I’d rather take the guy who’s already proved himself, even if it’s only for 1 year


If you are a contender this year, Lynch is easily worth the 2.01 or 2.02. You aren’t going to get a starting RB in a great situation anywhere else in the 2nd.