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Dynasty Rookie/Free Agent Draft Question


League is 12 team
6pt all TDs, -2 for int. (-4 more if it is a pick6). 1pt per comp, 1pt per 25yd passing.
1pt per 4 rushes, 1ppr, 1pt per 25 return yards

My question is about where to rank the Vet Free Agents that are left (we are in round 3)

Garoppolo compared to Watson, or possibly other rookie QBs (Mahomes is gone)

Burkhead, J.Richard compared to McNichols, Connor, J.Will/Jones-GB. maybe Gallman

R.Woods, M.Mitchell, R.Anderson compared to Henderson, TayTay, Stewart.

Thanks for insight you can share.


Jimmy G likely won’t see much time but Watson could be the starter so as much as I don’t think deshaun will be a good QB, he’s probably the better option there. Trubisky could get a shot and if he does he has a good O line and some good WRs plus a great RB to take pressure off him so he could be a good option. Kizer also could be a decent option but anyone on the browns offense is a risk.

Joe Williams or Jamal Williams would pretty good options as the teams don’t seem to like the incumbent starters and while none will be the starter come day 1, I feel like those 2 have the best opportunity to steal time and potentially take over. Connor will give you huge upside if leveon bell gets injured but until then he’s pretty much riding the bench. Rex burkhead and jalen richard are pretty much worthless IMO.

Robert Woods has pretty good upside and he could be the #1 WR in LA. Mitchell is now the #4-5 option on the pats defense. Robby Anderson has no QB and isn’t the #1 option on the Jets. Carlos Henderson has no QB and has 2 target stealing WRs ahead of him. Tayway taylor has corey and decker and matthews and walker so stay away from him. Stewart is in the same position as robby anderson if not worse so stay away.


Thanks for the response.
Seems like you missed the word dynasty.
Since it is dynasty this year’s production doesn’t matter as much as who will have the better career in fantasy terms. Watson went the pick before mine so, not an option. Joe Wil was already gone.
I could see Burkhead since he is ruled by Beli-tricks but, ya think Richard has no value in dynasty? Lynch won’t be there long and him going down this year isn’t unheard of doe an older back that hasn’t played in a couple seasons.

Anyway, I chose McNichols and Garoppolo went right after. I may regret not taking Jamaal, but for me, it came down to his lack of receptions and them also grabbing 2 other RBs in the same draft.

Thx for answering.


I was basing it off my league’s dynasty rules which doesn’t have a rookie keeper/development spot so we draft guys who will produce this year. I think Richard has value in dynasty but i don’t think he’ll be relevant for 2 years. I like mcnichols a lot and Jimmy G is a great option.


cool, thanks