Dynasty ROOKIE PICK. Round 2.HELP

This is my team.

Who would you pick. This is the 2.03 pick btw and I pick again in the 3.03… 12 man league PPR league

Leaning towards another RB since I am weak there. But also with tyreek hill prob not playing I might grab a WR.
Who would you take. Here is some available options.

QB - kyler Murray, Dwayne haskins
RB- Damien Harris, Darrell Henderson, Devin singletary, Justice Hill,
WR- Dionte Johnson, Kevin Harmon, Jalen Hurd, Miles boykin
TE- Noah Fant, irv smith jr.

There are others but those are the top on my list. If you have a name you don’t see mention it but it might be drafted.

As far as RBs go I am not loving a NE back as it’s Russian roulette on who plays. If gurley has a knee issue I like the possibility of henderson… The bills stink kinda but singletary will prob get opportunities?? I like Justin hill as a potential sleeper. But don’t know if I need to take him here.


@fun4willis always has good advice

Tough one. I would get Henderson I think if I was taking an rb because Gurley has me sketched out. I got Johnson with my 3.2. I would probably take Murray or Fant myself or trade back a couple picks.

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Yeah, I like Murray. I feel he is a safer QB pick than Haskins with his’ running ability.

Unless it’s a super flex league you don’t need to worry about a qb here and now. I would take either Harris or Singletary and shore up your rb position unless you really need the help at wr or TE but since you didn’t post those players I can only assume you are ok with who you have currently starting. Harris will play this year and Michel has a track record of injuries dating back to college so you know he will miss some time even if it’s not major and that opens the door for Harris. As for Singletary, you can put a stranglehold on the rb for the bills and at least it would be a starter at the position with shady getting older. Who knows, the bills may be improving and he may be a stud in another year or so.

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League is just QB, TE, 2RB,3WR,2FLEX(r/w/t)

I feel like I’m between


And FANT at TE… My other TEs are vance McDonald and Nojoku

Henderson is like a boom or maybe bust guy…

Singleton isn’t flashy but prob becomes the main guy soon… But for how long he doesn’t seem very explosive.

And I could upgrade my TE…

Ugghh decisions

I like Sanders (not on your list so he might be gone), Harris (who you understandably are scared of), Hill and Mattison. Of those, I only think Sanders and Hill are of consideration at the 2.03. Hill has a good shot at taking over 2020 while seeing work 2019.

At WR I really like Hurd and Boykin. It seems like you need RB more than anything, so probably better leaning there. I would not worry about TE given who you have.

Regardless of what you do at 2.03, I would definitely suggest going RB at 3. I really like Mattison for sure if he is there, Devin Singletary and Bruce Anderson.

Not sure if this helps, but that is how I would look at it.

Honestly, this is a bad draft to fill needs. Personally, looking at your QB and RB, I’d kind of mini rebuild right now. If Murray slides to 2.03, I feel that is the pick to make. Highest upside. I’d be trying to package Rivers, Diggs, Vance… in a 12 team this is going to be a tough squad to compete in with Penny and Montgomery as your top 2 RBs as a PPR league. I like Diggs, but if they shift to more ground game, he can fall to a WR2 and generally misses a couple of games every season. I wouldn’t be opposed to landing a massive haul for OBJ either. 2019 draft isn’t for filling needs, it’s more of a filler depth draft.

In a 12 team league, not having PPR RBs kill. While I like your WR depth, I don’t think it’s enough to carry you.

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Noah Fant at 2.03 is who I would be taking. Even though you need to shore up your RB, just take the BPA and trade to a TE needy team.