Dynasty Rookie Upside

I am in a 2QB Dynasty league and need to pick up another QB. Which of the following rookie WRs has the lowest upside for me to drop?
Bryan Edwards, Ruggs, Laviska

I have solid WRs on the roster:
Metcalf, McLaurin, Diggs, Golladay, Slayton

Probably Edwards or Laviska, i’d take Ruggs out of the conversation.

Two ways to look at it in my eyes, you keep Edwards and you’re doubling up on raiders WR’s hoping at least one of them hits which i don’t think is a bad move at all, or you roll the dice with Laviska instead of edwards with the idea that the Jags are rebuilding and you’ll have to wait and see if A: his rapport with Minshew increases or B: If the jags decide Minshew isn’t the answer and they need to draft another QB, will there be room for him in that offense?

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Laviska without much of a doubt for me.