Dynasty: roster advice (gross QBs)

Alright so below you can see my superflex dynasty roster after the startup draft. I traded up quite a bit using rookie picks, so this will be what I’m working with the next two years. What suggestions do you have for immediate moves I can make to improve my team?

I might try to package Carr and Fournette for another QB and a lower tier RB.

Of your 3 QB’s, you have starters but are any of them beyond this season? Plus, playing QB roulette in MIA, that’s tough. I’d rather play the GB scenario in my RB 2 spot and Freeman is going to get some work.

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I’m able to package Rosen/Fitzpatrick for Ryan Finley, a 2020 2nd, a 2020 3rd, and 15 FAAB (the deal is ready for me to accept). That leaves me high and dry for QB, but I think I’d have better luck trading for a starting QB with those pieces than mine. Thoughts?

I would make that trade. Although you have to realize people will charge you a premium for any other QBs given your situation as well.

Yeah I took it, and yep I’m struggling to get a deal done… what type of deal would you be looking to make for Andy dalton (to stack with Finley)

I can get stafford for freeman, Mike Williams, a 2nd, and 3rd. Thoughts? It’s a lot, I know. I’m thinking of countering with Pettis instead of Williams

OH wait wtf this is a superflex league? Sorry I didnt see that. You should’ve kept Rosen then. Cause Rosen worth more than a 2nd rounder in 2020.

That’s too much to give up for stafford. If you can get for Pettis, would be worth consideration but still a lot.

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I just don’t know how different that tier really is. Better than Rosen/Fitz probably but, Freeman, Williams and pick…seems a lot for Stafford. It’s a long way to kickoff. I think you have time to find something better.