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Dynasty roster advice


Dynasty question guys. It’s a 16 man roster do which ones should I keep. Jordan reed, jarvis landry, Mike Wallace, Lamar Miller, Bengals, Julius Thomas, Marvin jones, josh Gordon, Lenny stills, Derek Carr, Vance mcdonald, Sterling shepherd, Stephon diggs, Terrance west, Matt Jones, and Jeremy langford, Matt Bryant.


So you keep 16 of those 17? I guess Matt Jones would be the drop for me


Paul Giamatti!?! Wow. But yeah, I can keep 16 of those guys. My draft picks though are based on how many open keeper spots I have. 15 keepers gets 1 pick, 14 gets two, etc…


with that knowledge, im keeping reed, landry, miller, carr, diggs, and maybe wallace. that would give you 10 picks in the draft, and i think you need them. im sure it will be bottom of the barrel scraping, but it cant be any worse than you have it right now right?


How many players do you leaguemates typically keep?

And if you end up with 3 picks while another team has only 1 pick… does that mean you both have a 1st round pick and then you have a 2nd and a 3rd… or does it mean you have a 1st and 2nd round pick and then both of you have a 3rd?


Someone is keeping their whole team basically and for good reason, others not so much. I’m scraping yeah. To answer the draft picks question, if you didn’t keep everyone you’ll have more picks. And if you run out of picks, you could be done by the third round while others keep going.


So the latter of what you were saying. Then it also gets murky because people will have traded picks already. Definitely have a need for running backs as I only have wear and miller to rely on. Come on run cmc


…From what you say, your format incentivizes you to keep as many guys as possible: Keeping any one additional player merely costs you your very last pick in the draft – whatever round that happens to be.

That said, teams should always leave themselves at least 1 draft pick available (for top rookies), and perhaps more… depending on where those offseason free agents (in addition to the rookies) line up with your existing squad.

For your team, you look to be a bit thin on RB. Maybe you can package a few of your WRs for a trade and then free up a few spots to draft with?


I think I will have to exactly that, left myself 3 picks for rookies or free agents left over.