Dynasty Roster Assessment?

Hi everybody,

My dynasty team, in the second year of our league, finished in 6th place. I lost in the first round of the playoffs as a No. 6 seed and then tanked the 5th-place matchup to get a better draft pick. In our first year, I finished 3rd (lost in the semifinals and then won the 3rd place matchup), and my roster is fairly strong, I think. I was hoping to get some advice on which way I should gear my roster this offseason. For reference, my roster is listed below.

League Details: 10 teams, 0.5 PPR, 1 QB, 2 FLEX, 4-round rookie draft

Starting Lineup (10/10):
QB: Deshaun Watson, HOU(?)
RB1: Aaron Jones, FA
RB2: Austin Ekeler, LAC
WR1: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI
WR2: Julio Jones, ATL(?)
TE: Jared Cook, FA
FLEX1: Brandin Cooks, HOU(?)
FLEX2: Kareem Hunt, CLE
K: Tyler Bass, BUF
DST: Los Angeles Rams

Bench (15/14):
QB: Matthew Stafford, LAR
QB: Matt Ryan, ATL(?)
RB: Mike Davis, FA
RB: Giovani Bernard, CIN
RB: Devontae Booker, FA
RB: Kalen Ballage, FA
WR: Marvin Jones Jr., FA
WR: Nelson Agholor, FA
WR: Allen Lazard, FA
WR: Tee Higgins, CIN
WR: Anthony Miller, CHI(?)
WR: Deonte Harris, NO
TE: Adam Trautman, NO
TE: Jonnu Smith, FA
TE: Cole Kmet, CHI
Note: I will have to drop someone here to make my roster eligible for any other transactions. I could theoretically drop either my kicker or DST to do this.

IR (2/3):
RB: Raheem Mostert, SF
TE: Blake Jarwin, DAL

Taxi Squad (4/4):
WR: Jalen Reagor, PHI
WR: Darnell Mooney, CHI(?)
WR: Bryan Edwards, LV
WR: Devin Duvernay, BAL

2021 Rookie Draft Picks:
Own 1st: No. 5
Own 2nd: No. 15
Team A’s 2nd: No. 16
Team B’s 3rd: No. 24
Team C’s 3rd: No. 27
Own 4th: No. 35

Future Rookie Draft Picks:
All Own 2022 Picks
All Own 2023 Picks
Note: We can’t trade beyond three years. Once the 2021 draft is complete, we’ll be able to trade 2024 picks, but that isn’t the case right now.

I’ve petitioned to make taxi squads larger than four players, just because it doesn’t seem productive to limit teams from taking fliers on young players. That’ll be voted on by the league in the coming weeks, but I’m not expecting it to pass.

What do I do with this roster? I’m worried about Julio Jones’s age and would like to get off of him, but I don’t know what appropriate value for him looks like and the league generally isn’t very trade-happy – it’s a super quiet league, in that regard (even though we’ve taken the Footballers’ advice and have a line of communication through Sleeper). Do I look to tear it all down for picks and start over?

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing back soon. Thanks!