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Dynasty roster construction advice. Rounds 9-12


So starting line up requirement is
1QB,2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex
16 bench

My team through 8 rounds is

RB- Rashard Penny, Lesean Mccoy
WR- OBJ, diggs, Tyreek hill, Sterling Shepard, will fuller, Nelson agholor

What should i be focusing on.
Note-able Players still on the board
TE- Njoku, Gesicki, graham, kittle, olson
WR-doctson,Kelvin, cobb, Pierre garcon, E. Sanders, martavis Bryant,
RB- Chris thompson, Isaiah crowell, Donta foreman, cj anderson, gio, burkhead, breida
QB- Winston, Stafford, mariota, dak, goff, Brady, brees, rivers, big Ben, lamar Jackson

So what direction would you go the next couple rounds.?? And who would you target on that list… Anyone not there that you think may still be out there that you would go get now.? Thanks for your help. Love this forum


Looks pretty good so far, as you’re stacked at WR for now and the future based on youth i’d switch back to RB here because you need more depth there. Also depending on the draft board as a whole it would be worth looking at those in-between you and your next picks now for taking a QB, i tend to get them in round 9, Stafford is the safe bet there from a dynasty perspective and then i’d get depth later on. RB’s i’d like Thompson or Anderson as they’ll produce this year and then maybe look later for Crowell or Breida. Njoku and Gesicki would be nice to have and if you could pair with Graham i think you’ll be well set at TE.

Without seeing the whole draft board and other teams roster construction its hard to say, but in your position i’d get one of the RB’s next and depending on what happens in the next round get another one or grab the best TE from the three above. Get the QB after that, and if it’s one of the older guys i may double dip for youth as well but would weigh that against what RB’s and TE’s were left for depth. In the next four picks i’d like to have based on your roster 2 RBs 1 or 2 QBs and 1TE if you get Stafford.


I’m in a very similar position as you and one thing I would do, and what @James89 was alluding to, is take a look at the other rosters in your league and see what their needs are. See which teams already have a solid QB or TE and where they are in relation to your picks. I waited a bit too long on TE and was kind of forced into a position to take Njoku as my TE1 because there was a huge somewhat unexpected run at TE, which in retrospect I probably should have seen coming.

You definitely do need to address RB though. I’d keep an eye on C.J. he’s walking into a role where J Stew just had about 200 carries and C.J. is much better than him in my opinion. If it’s PPR definitely keep an eye on Thompson and with the most recent news of Edelman’s suspension, Burkhead could be in for an uptick in targets.


Good point on Burkhead actually as well he might have some added use if you cant get hold of CJ and/or Thompson


Lots of nice value at RB an QB still. I’d maybe grab a few RBs and make sure you’re not getting left with trash at TE. After that look at who’s on the board at Qb. Nice WR core.


if its me im targetting crowell and anderson. they are looking at 200 touches each with some receptions. both could get more than that. its a safe floor to rely on in case mccoy hits his wall finally, and in case the rookie doesnt preform. youre good on WR so im looking at RB depth pretty hard. then i would probably shift back to WRs for depth because you do still need depth there, just not as bad as at RB. so maybe RB, then a QB if its down to just one good guy and a bunch of meh guys, or if everyone else has a QB dont worry about it. but you need some depth, and then getting QB, TE, DST, and K become important to me. in that order too.


Thanks so much for the advice guy’s.

I’ll def write down everyone’s roster and see what the needs are… That can show me when to get that TE and QB.

I took Thompson this round… I’ll keep an eye on those other RB.

And yes this is a PPR league… And no K or DST


I would strongly consider Foreman if he is available. You have your 3 rb’s that you can start and use for this season, so i’d say take the guy in Foreman who will likely be the starting RB is a dynamic offense as soon as next year. The guy is very talented and i believe once he heals up and Lamar Miller leaves, you’re looking at a really good fantasy option week in and week out. For QB, Stafford is the way to go like others have said, but if he’s not available, you can probably still get someone like Goff a few rounds later.


If I were you, I’d be looking to target young RBs with breakout potential! Aaron Jones (if he’s in), Kalen Ballage, Nyheim Hines, Tarik Cohen, Duke Johnson, and on down the line. WRs are easier to come by and if one of your RBs goes down, you’re in trouble. Another guy worth a burner pick late is Jeremy Hill. You never know with New England!


normally i would agree, but at this stage breakout potential isnt what he needs. the way i see it is, who ever he picks is going to be in the rotation. he only has the 2 RBs so they will have to start at some point. i would rather get some depth, and then do what you are talking about. because you are right this is usually where you swing for the fences. only problem is, with it being a 3 WR 2 Flex league, your drafting for depth at round 8, instead of round 6. i know it doesnt seem like much of a difference but with more starters, you kinda have to wait for those big swings. a little safety is what i go for first.


I hear you, although I run a much different strategy. I did a dynasty startup last year, and took guys like Mixon, Godwin, Golladay, Njoku, Mahomes, etc… Guys that would be primed for huge roles going forward. If you draft just to fill holes, those guys will eventually be replaced. And getting young talent you can depend on at that point will be that much more difficult.

Right now in my league, 2nd season ($50 buy-in), I have;

Dak Prescott
Patrick Mahomes

Le’Veon Bell
Joe Mixon
Christian McCaffrey
Aaron Jones
Jamaal Williams
Duke Johnson
Giovanni Bernard
James Conner

Mike Evans
Demaryius Thomas
Devante Parker
Cameron Meredith
Anthony Miller
Courtland Sutton
Kenny Golladay
Chris Godwin
John Ross
Donte Moncrief
Taywan Taylor

David Njoku
Jonnu Smith

Philadelphia Eagles D/ST

I went heavy on the youth movement and while my first season was rough (finished 5-8), I was able to flip the 1.04, 2.04, and Kelvin Benjamin for Mike Evans and the Packers RBs (minus Montgomery). Then I dealt Kenyan Drake, the 3.04, and a future 2 for essentially the picks that landed me Anthony Miller and Courtland Sutton. Now my roster is setup to succeed for a long time, plus it’s given me young talent I can use to bulk weaker positions if needed. I feel like that’s the strongest way to play it, though there is no one right answer. I also take risks and was lucky they paid off. But if you want to really be a juggernaut – draft young and take chances! Of the 12 teams in my league, mine certainly seems to have made the biggest jump from year 1 to year 2.


oh its without a doubt a good strategy. its one i have used myself. but i was talking about situationally. because if he does swing for the fences right here, he will probably have a season like you did. 5 and 8. im of the mindset, that you have to balance both. yes, you want those guys that are primed for bigger seasons later on. but you also dont want to do bad in any given year. i would much rather go 8 and 5 with pieces like CJ and crowell (because they will still be valuable for a few years) give myself a good shot at the title, and then build around that team with youth through the draft or trading. so im all for your strategy, i just think that different ones need to be used in different situations. because i have had a draft like you are talking about, but it was more out of necessity. i just felt like that safe floor was needed here. but you are for sure not wrong! if it works out perfect to where you do hit this year, its one that can take you to that title realllll fast. ask kamara owners about that lol.


1QB,2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex
16 bench

My team through 9 rounds is

RB- Rashard Penny, Lesean Mccoy, Chris Thompson
WR- OBJ, diggs, Tyreek hill, Sterling Shepard, will fuller, Nelson agholor

So Isaiah crowell, Cj Anderson and foreman all went off the board. Also a team with no QB went with goff.

So now only 1 team needs QB besides me… And 3 teams need TE.

I’m at the 10.4 right now… the other team who needs a QB and all the 3 teams that need a TE will pick before my next pick at 11.5.

So do i go Stafford at the 10.4 or go Njoku, gesicki at the 10.4.??

Other QBs are mariota, Winston, dak, matty ice, Brady and carr

Other TE are Hunter henry, olson, kittle, doyle, delanie, eifert

Other WR are -anthony miller, doctson, sanders,cobb, pierre, rishard Matthews, Cameron meridth, Kelvin Benjamin, hogan, marquise goodwin

RB- Burkhead, gio, Jamaal williams, Ty Montgomery


Thanks for the advice


My advice to you is to take the best player available regardless of roster slot. Maybe you don’t feel too great about how your starting roster looks but there is a crapload of time left between now and the season and plenty of opportunities to make trades. And you never know what happens in terms of injury/ depth chart changes, etc. When it comes to dynasty, I just want the best player cause I can always use that to trade for a player who is as good if not better than the one I am forcing myself into drafting by thinking about what roles I am missing. In my dynasty draft right now and I only have 1 RB on my roster but I’m still going to pass on them because there’s too much value left on the board at other positions.

It takes a lot of discipline and will power to not just go there and reach for that slot you’re missing but if I see a tier discrepancy, I’m always taking it.


My brother landed Kamara in the 8th round! Carried him all the way to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, though, he ran into Todd Gurley. He’s still hurting! lol

But, ya… Safe floor is very important, too! That’s why I still took guys like Demaryius and Benjamin (though he flopped once traded). You definitely need to still have competitive pieces, for sure! I thought Meredith would be that until he tore his knee the day after we drafted. Kept him, though, and luckily the Saints grabbed him. Not sure what his role will be, but I think he could make a decent flex most weeks.


While I do agree that best player available is always the approach, I can’t see a clear tier break here. I’d go with either of those TEs you said, preference is yours and then take Staff on the return. Cobb, Miller and Ty and interesting as well for pick ups in that order for me, Rex after that but if you get TE and WB your in for depth


I love Anthony Miller! Future AB, IMO. But if Aaron Jones is in, he’d be my pick. Like Dak as well! And Njoku.


i really like njoku where you can get him. great young player growing with a great young QB? hell yeah. but you have to believe in baker a bit to like him.

@Ricky87 there is no future AB. thats a once in a lifetime player. AM will be AM. AB gonna be AB. :sunglasses: lol


Totally agree with Buster here. AB was a no name guy drafted in a late round that just grinded his way up and become an absolute route technician. Best in the game. Foolish for us to try and find / assume the next AB. Don’t think we’ll see one for a long time. And if we do, it might be out of nowhere, just like how AB came to be…


AB is hyperbole, for sure! I just throw that comparison out there to really emphasize how much I value him. I do believe he’s a special player! So much so that I moved some pretty good pieces to acquire the 2.01 to get him in my league.

I just think very highly of him, and I’d be shocked if he weren’t a steady 1,000+ yard, 10+ TD guy year in and year out.