Dynasty Roster Crunch Help

Hi everybody!

I’m in the first offseason of my very first dynasty league. It’s a 10-team, 0.5 PPR league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXes, 1 K, and 1 DST. We also have a 10-man bench, 3 IR spots, and a 4-man taxi squad.

Here’s my roster as of right now…

QB: Deshaun Watson
RB1: Aaron Jones
RB2: Austin Ekeler
WR1: DeAndre Hopkins
WR2: Julio Jones
TE: Jared Cook
FLEX1: Mark Ingram
FLEX2: Brandin Cooks
K: Matt Gay
DST: Empty
Bench: Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Justin Jackson, Anthony Miller, Dede Westbrook, Cole Beasley, Phillip Dorsett, Allen Lazard, Blake Jarwin, Hayden Hurst
IR: Cam Newton, Marvin Jones, Chris Herndon
Taxi Squad: Scottie Miller, Miles Boykin, Trey Quinn, Jace Sternberger

That’s 27 players, including Gay, for 19 roster spots and 4 taxi spots. I’m under the assumption that I have to empty my IR spot soon (Sleeper still has those players as IR-eligible, but that could change at a moment’s notice). I also have six picks in this year’s rookie draft: 8, 18, 20, 28, 31, 38. In other words, that’s the 1.08, 2.08, 2.10, 3.08, 4.01, and 4.08.

So I have a roster crunch and am not sure what to do. My current locks to keep are…

  • Deshaun Watson
  • Matt Ryan
  • Aaron Jones
  • Austin Ekeler
  • Mark Ingram
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Julio Jones
  • Marvin Jones
  • Jared Cook
  • Miles Boykin (taxi)
  • Jace Sternberger (taxi)

That’s 9 of my 19 available roster spots and 2 of my 4 available taxi squad spots.

What’s my next step? Do I look to consolidate players and picks? Move picks this year for future picks? What’s the move?

Thanks for the help!

UPDATE (4/27/20): I’ve been deep in negotiations on a trade for Joe Mixon over the last week-plus (pushing two weeks). As of now, the current structure of the deal – a three-team deal, because Sleeper allows that – has me moving Mark Ingram, 1.08, 2.08, 2.10, 3.08, 4.01, and my 2021 3rd round pick (projects to be mid- to late-round) for Joe Mixon, 1.10, 3.01, and a 2021 2nd round pick (projects to be early- to mid-round). If this deal, or some version of it (I’ve proposed countless versions, at this point), goes through, my roster crunch would be in a slightly better position in the sense that I move from having six draft picks (8, 18, 20, 28, 31, and 38) to just three (10, 21, 38). The actual number of players on my roster wouldn’t change, which would still be a bit of an issue, but I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing in as many rookies which, as a contending team, is a nice bonus in addition to upgrading from Ingram to Mixon (as is moving my 2021 3rd effectively up a round).

I would look to consolidate some of those picks. I would try to add the two 4ths with someone to get a better upgrade. While I know he has a dampened outlook, you might be able to land Lindsay for RB depth, as that looks to be where you are most in need. Doubt two 4ths get him, but perhaps with another depth player the other team needs. I could also see packaging everything from 2.10 on and try to get a WR2/RB2 from someone. I like David Johnson for a year or two and he could be had IMHO. That said, I do like your 1.08-2.10 picks, so keeping them makes some sense. The others you can lose or toss in as a sweetener.

With your current squad, I would be okay moving Herndon (if he has any value?) / Hurst without much worry. You have good depth already and those guys might have some pull with TE needy teams. I would not mind moving Dorsett / Westbrook / Quinn if you can get anything for them, including picks next year more in a bit. I would also look to see what Julio can get you with other assets. He is awesome, but if you can get younger and sell the more opened up targets I would get out from under him now.

Picks for next year are great. Try to land them now while others are not thinking about them. They hold value and typically only rise if you get 1st / 2nd. I would even move a 2020 2nd for a 2021 2nd. Likewise, maybe a player and your 2.10 gets you further up the 2nd? In a 10 team I would not worry about 1st this year. They cost too much and you will have good value through the 2.08. Try to push up in the 2nd for value.

While this does not solve all your issues, compressing many small pieces into a bigger piece even a little bit bigger is what I would focus on. Picks help out a lot, even late. Trading ponies for horses as they say. I hope any of this helps!

It does, thank you so much!

As it stands, I’m in negotiations on a trade for Joe Mixon. Some combination of Mark Ingram, Brandin Cooks, and low picks should be able to get it done, I think. Current offer on the table that I’m waiting to hear back on is Ingram + 2.10 + 3.08 + 4.08. If that can get done (or anything close to that, really), I’d be ecstatic. I’m skeptical it will, but hopeful.

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If that gets it done you just fleeced someone. It looks like they are getting so much, some owners bite at it. If you had to put Cooks into the trade, try to keep your 2.10 at a minimum and maybe get a smaller piece on top of Mixon. If not, I would be fine doing it all for Mixon. I think he’s going to have quite a year and likely next few seasons.

Happy it helped and good luck on your trade!

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Thanks!! I completely agree with you on that. If Cooks is a must, I’d pull 2.10 off the table and maybe even downgrade the 3.08 to the 4.01 (which was actually that owner’s pick, originally LOL). I’ll have to talk to the owner when he gets a chance after work and see where’s he’s at.

I had originally approached him a while ago on Mixon because he finished as the worst team in the league (2-11) and his roster is kinda going in two different directions (two or three studs, but then not much beyond that). He had said no at the time. When I approached him this weekend asking about what he was thinking with regards to his team’s direction, he seemed much more open to the idea of a deal. Hopefully that thinking hasn’t changed over the last day or two!

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I hope it works. That would be a great deal for your squad.

Sometimes people just need time away from the roster to see the truth of it. Yes you get a great piece, but if he can bolster his troops, it is still a win win. Some people get too fixated on a single player and miss the whole lineup.

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For sure. We went back-and-forth with some negotiations earlier today and will continue to tonight and throughout the rest of the week, I imagine, but I feel confident something gets done eventually. He’s been intent on trying to get Cooks in his counterproposals, and that’s kinda where I become hesitant, so negotiating Cooks’ value in terms of draft assets, in addition to Ingram plus other assets, seems like it’ll be the barrier to getting this deal done. One construction we considered was a package of Ingram + Cooks + 3.08 for Mixon + a 2021 draft asset. I was hoping to get a second, but it seems like he’d only do a 2021 third at most, but that’s something we’re looking at…

Either way, though, a deal in this type of structure will definitely help with my roster crunch. If it’s just Mixon for Ingram and picks, I don’t have to try to create room for rookies or drop them after drafting them. I’d be able to get value there. If it’s Ingram and Cooks and picks, I do so while upgrading at RB and also clearing an extra roster spot.

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Definitely! The important thing is both sides are trying to make it work. That usually means it gets done. FWIW, I’d throw 4.08 in there if it meant I’d get a 2nd next year. I’d even do the 4.01 if he was hesitant. That 2nd will be far more valuable, and it pushes off another year before you need to actually cut someone.

Good luck and I hope you can close it soon!

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I’ve gone ahead and updated the OP, but at this point, I’m deep in negotiations on a three-team deal (thanks, Sleeper!) and hope to have a deal closed by the end of the week. As it stands, it would basically swap Ingram out for Mixon, but cost me enough in terms of draft capital to take my 2020 rookie draft class from six players down to three (in addition to an upgrade in the 2021 rookie draft). I’m perfectly happy with that.

Should the deal get done, I’d still have a roster crunch with regards to actual current players, but the picks getting cut in half is an appreciated benefit to this potential (dare I say… pending?) move.

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If you have any say I would hustle that trade. Ingram is on a clock with Dobbins in that backfield. Landing Mixon could be huge for you on many fronts. Hope it works out!

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