Dynasty Roster Limits

Hey all!
I am looking at creating a set of rules for a start up dynasty league. Having never been in one, there’s one area I cant grasp. Rookie draft and roster limits.
Assuming the roster limit is 22, what happens after a 3 round rookie draft? Should teams cut 3 players prior to that draft? Should teams cut to 22 after the draft, like real football does?
Thanks all in advance. Let’s hope for a season this year!

Two traditional options (but you can decide how you want a league to operate):

  1. Roster increase before draft and roster cut between end of draft and start of new season.
  2. Roster size is static and players drop either before the draft starts or during draft to make rookie for rookie picks.

Dictating factors include number of teams, roster size, number of rookie rounds, and platform.

My preference is to increase rosters to account for each draft round. In my case that’s a four round rookie draft. Then to schedule roster cuts just prior to the fourth preseason games (during a normal year).

This accomplishes a couple things:

  • Even though a team might not have all four picks (trade some away) they can still participate in off-season activities. (picking up players from waivers)
  • Teams can draft or pick up players from waivers, hold, and make educated decisions with available information (during a normal year where there is a training camp and preseason). As opposed to cutting players in April/May and not having a clue if they will be on a team.

Since you are creating, it’s worth noting that the standard rule is total roster size of 2.5 -3 times the size of the starting roster. So a 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex league should be 22 - 27 players. The range dictates how ample you want waivers to be with weekly starter players.

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Very much appreciate the well thought out and thourogh explanation @fun4willis

I’m still torn because I want those dropped players prior to the draft to be draft eligible but I guess we have waivers for that.

In my rookie drafts, only rookie are allowed to be drafted. So dropped players are auto waiver fodder.