Dynasty Roster Size no kicker/defense

I am helping start a new dynasty league and could use some advice on roster size. I have heard you should roster about 2.5-3 times your starting lineup. Our plan is to start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 flex, 1 TE. According to the math that means rostering between 20-24. Considering there are two flex spots and no kicker of defense (who you need less of), would you recommend going to the top end up this range like 24 or 25? 12 team league. Thanks.

12 team league needs more roster spots. You’ll be going after deep players so that’s needed.

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For 12 teams I would suggest 24 player rosters at a minimum.

I appreciate it. Would this change at all if we decided to have 2-3 IR spots or a taxi squad? Would you recommend either of these. Currently leaning towards only the IR spots.

I know some how count IR slots, I however do not. They’re just extra slots to me.

In a dynasty league I would suggest 1-2 IR spots above and beyond the 24 player roster.

I’ve played in league with a Taxi Squad and without. From my experience choosing your hosted platform and use case will determine whether you want a Taxi squad or not.

Taxi squads traditionally are used for rookies in order to hold for future use but not count against the roster. You’ll need to decide when a player can be placed on the Taxi. From the draft only, as a rookie only (during rookie season), or any time. Further will players be able to stay on the taxi squad beyond their rookie year. Some sites deal with this effortlessly. In those cases where it is not a burden on the Commish, maybe a Taxi squad is appropriate or useful. I would never institute a taxi squad in ESPN for example. A nightmare to administrate as the Commish.

Finally, I would not worry too much about the roster size. If you are uncertain, choose the lower number. You can always expand in the future. For example I’m in a league that started at 20 and expanded by 2 roster spots each year. (24 is much better than 20 from my experience… but you get the point).

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My league has 30 slots +3 IR. WE also play defense players instead of DST so that’s why. I love it. 20 keeper league.


Appreciate it. IDP still intimidates me. Maybe some day.

Appreciate the advice. I like the idea of a couple IR spots. The plan is to host on sleeper which supports taxi squads, otherwise yeah I wouldn’t even put it up for discussion. haha And yes if we do implement it then it would only be for players who have been in the league for a year or less. I personally am thinking that if I am worried about not being able to hold rookies I would rather just expand roster though. Thanks!

Most people fear IDP because they know less def players. This may lessen the IDP intimidation factor.

Let’s say you were to implement one IDP flex per starting roster. Meaning at a minimum your league would roster 12 IDP players. From the following position groups (DE, DT, LB, CB, SS) how many of these guys do you know?

For me it’s about 25-30. Point being, there are easily 12 good IDP players to choose from.

Yeah I know a lot of defensive players from following the NFL draft. It’s more just inexperience. I don’t know the intricacies of scoring and strategy. For instance whatever the equivalence is of drafting qb early for defense I don’t know what that is. I know who good defenders are for real life, but we all know that doesn’t equate to fantasy football at the same rate.

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