Dynasty Roster

Full PPR 10 person league

Thoughts on my team overall I’m happy buy always trying to make bigger moves if possible. I also have to eventually drop 2 players but have that planned out already. Just maximizing roster options till closer to game time.

We draft early for the rush and risk value so this draft was directly after the rookie draft.

Really need to be looking to improve your running backs if you want to compete immediately. There’s a very real chance that you don’t have a single starting rb on this roster.

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Edmonds and Gordon will be relevant for about this year only.

I agree with @afutrell103. RBs are probably your weakest position at the moment. You may need to trade 1 or 2 WRs to get at least a high RB2 with RB1 upside, if possible.

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I’m in agreeance with the posts so far. You’re RB situation would be my primary concern.

If you can negotiate with the Javonte Williams or Etienne owner then I would feel better about your RB situation going forward. You could shop Tee Higgins for now since you will be playing the game of a crowded WR room. I’m a big Diontae Johnson fan but I do think he would need to be moved around to improve your RB situation if you’re looking for a high value RB.

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