Dynasty rosters

For commissioners, In dynasty format, how do you guys change up your roster every year with adding a rookie draft? We have 26 roster spots with a 6 round rookie draft which makes 32, and before we start the season we have to make roster cuts back down to 26. Do you guys do something similar or different? We’re now in year 3 and trying to find a good rhythm with the yearly rookie draft and rosters.

we have a 27 man roster with a 3 man taxi squad. 4 round rookie draft (6 is a lot). same kind of deal with cutting down to 27 and 3.

6 Rounds is a lot. Do people actually make pics in the 5th or 6th round? Or do they skip?

In the league I commish, we started with 20 roster spots. Each year so far (entering year 3) we have increases by 2. A week ago the roster started at 22, roster ballooned to 26 for the draft and will be cut back to 24 at the start of the 4th pre-season game. I think that we can only expand like this once or twice more to cap the roster at 26 or 28. At that time I will increase roster by 4 and than cutback will go back to 26 or 28. This is similar to what the OP is doing.

@OutNumbered321 Do see any issues with this system? Why do you ask?

HI ask because we seem to change it little bit every year which is only 2 years since this is year 3. We use Fleaflicker and doesn’t have option to rookie only draft. That’s why it has been 6 round. We might switch to Sleeperbot next year with option to have rookie only draft. Which yeah I’ve noticed there are only decent picks really rounds 1-4. So next year will just do a 4 round draft or 3. Wanting to develop a consistent system every year. This year we raised it to 26 from 22. So guys will only have to drop two this year. Since we did a six round draft. Everyone seems pretty content at 26 in my league.

We’ll probably add the taxi squads next year

If you are using a platform that allows for taxi I would have a 4 spot taxi squad, and drop the rookie draft to 4. We make it so once a rookie is promoted he can not go back to taxi.