Dynasty Sammy Watkins trade

Hey ballers,
I’m the owner of Sammy Watkins in my dynasty league and today I was offered Robert Woods and a 2nd round pick in the upcoming rookie draft for him. I’m an expansion team that is nowhere near competing. I’m thinking it’s a pretty good offer but what do you think? I thought about asking for Dante Pettis as well and adding KeeSean Johnson on my side.

I would do that, even more so if you can land Pettis. I think Pettis is going to have a good future with Jimmy throwing him the ball. Woods, IMOP, is the best WR for the Rams. He’s consistent and stays on the field. Speaking of that, Watkins is always hurt. I’d trade him now while he has all this hype around him.


I’d definitely want to accept woods and a second rounder for watkins. It’s a gift of a trade in my opinion.


Take it and run before Watkins gets injured going to the restroom or something!