Dynasty Scouting Question

How do you guys scout rookies for your dynasty leagues?

How do you break down film?

How do you make your own rookie tiers?

Thanks for the answers in advance!

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I will take a shot at sharing my approach. Not sure it is a process, and it is a bit touchy-feely to be sure, but it is what I do.

Film. Everything for me starts there. And do not only watch highlight film, as that only shows you the goods. You need to watch their games. And not just their good ones. See above. From this, I get a sense of how they play and what they might be able to contribute to the future pro team.

Stats. This I use more to evaluate if what I was seeing is real or just my hopes / dreams. I do not use only stats. I get that they are helpful and it does put everyone in a similar formula. However stats are horribly subjective and they only tell you what has already happened. They cannot predict the future especially when the chasm of college to NFL is so deep. As well, if they were perfect there would be no reason to play. You could just run the numbers, draft, add them up and that team wins. We all know that is not how FF works :wink:

Peers. I then look at my ranking compared to others in the industry and see who I might be high/low on or just missed. It helps self check and remove some player bias. That is, I like Calvin Johnson type WR or Hollywood Brown. Both are good, I just lean toward CJ body types / play styles. Seeing other have someone much higher or lower kind of puts my preferences in check.

That is it. Those three steps. They take a while and I am not a professional so I am not awesome at it, but it has helped me out.