Dynasty SF trade advice please!

So my qb’s are Herbert, Brady then Bridgewater. My RB’s are Henry, Gibson, Mckissic, L Murray, B Scott, Sermon and Chris Evans. A guy has Mahommes, Carr, and Fields but he is hurting at RB he has Cohen, Hines, D Harris, Penny. I’m thinking about going for Fields trading away Sermon, probably have to put Bridgewater in there as well. Thoughts??? Thanks in advance!!

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If you can get Fields for Sermon + Bridgewater it’s an easy yes. I think Fields will be awesome and you’ll need a QB2 as soon as next year with TB12 getting up there. At this point Sermon is not even part of your RB rotation so it’s easy to move him IMHO.

I’d try it and even throw in a 2022 3rd if needed.

  • Craig Coffman