Dynasty SF - Trade away Dak or Lawrence?

Hi All,

I ended up drafting Mahomes, Lawrence and Diggs as my first 3 picks in our dynasty startup as the #1 pick.

I was surprised by Dak also falling to me at the 4/5 turn so I had to take him even though it meant my roster for this season would suffer for it.

Knowing the value of QBs in a Dynasty SF are higher, and that people in the league would be needing a top 10 QB sooner rather than later, I threw Dak and Lawrence on the trade block to see what people would come up with.

The best offer is the following:

Give Lawrence, Hunt and 2022 5th rounder
Get Najee and 2022 2nd rounder

This leaves me with only 2 QBs so he also offered the following as well:
Give Lawrence, Hunt
Get Najee, Baker

I think it’s a tad below his value so I told him I would think about it.

What are your thoughts on the value for one of these guys?

I would definitely throw out the first offer since a 5th rounder is basically worthless in a rookie draft and Baker is worth more than a 2nd rounder. So, then you’re looking at an upgrade at RB and a perceived downgrade in QB. I think it’s a fair deal and I would probably take it. You have Mahomes/Dak as your main starters and a more than capable 3rd option in Baker for byes/spot starts. Najee is going to have the entire PIT backfield and is a definite upgrade for your starting lineup.
Even though I think this is fair, I usually see what I can get away with in a counter offer (same trade but they throw in a pick swap their 1st for your 2nd). 1st round picks are worth a ton in Superflex leagues. This year the 11th and 12th picks were Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle who look to be playable in the near future and might be breakouts in a year or so. People tend not to know what draft picks are worth the startup year of a dynasty (at least no one in our league did).

Thanks for the reply.

I struggle with the decision because of what they say Lawrence will become and the longevity at the position.

While Najee will have it all to himself this year, who knows what happens next year and the Pitt offense if Ben leaves.

Having said that, all the other offers I’m getting are shitty so this may be the best I can get at this point.

Any opinions on targetting the '23 draft picks instead of '22?

Thanks again