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Dynasty - Start Cousins or Mariota?


In a tough spot thanks to Byes. Dynasty so there’s no one to pick up. Cousins @ Sea or Mariota vs Bal?


This is greusome. I’m starting Cousins vs Sea because that’s all I have, but Mariota hasn’t been all that good and the Ravens have been great on D as of late. I lean Cousins only slightly but I don’t like it


Yeah that’s how I’m leaning. Traded away a qb earlier this year. Also have keenum on bye with Teddy on IR and I have Garoppolo. Been holding him for a while now.


I’m in a similar situation with Wentz vs Broncos and Mariota vs Ravens. I’m going with Wentz (pretty obvious choice I guess) but the main reason being I don’t want to touch Mariota vs Ravens!!